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Available through the HCBS/TBI waiver:

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is dedicated to helping you access these essential services, including Service Coordination, Home and Community Support Service (HCSS) and Independent Living Skills Training (ILST) as well as other specialized supports for individuals with a TBI. The coordinated application of these services will provide the foundation for the participant to reengage and live life with more self-confidence and an increased sense of productivity.

Integration Counseling

Individual service designed to assist the person to more effectively manage and overcome the difficulties and stresses confronted by an individual with TBI living in the community. This service is available to the individual’s family if they have a significant role in supporting the individual, or to any other persons who may have significant, ongoing interactions with the individual.

Personal Home Care Services

These specialized support services include assistance with bathing, toileting, light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication management, errands, safety oversight and supervision (this service is also available through other payment options; please contact us for additional information).

Home and Community

Provides oversight, cognitive cuing and support to enable the waiver participant to reside safely within the home and community environments.

Respite Care

To provide short-term relief for care givers of individuals who are unable to care for themselves. The service is provided in the individual’s residence.

Independent Living Skills

Provides training to focus on increasing independence in functional skills such as cooking, shopping, financial management, travel training, etc.

Intensive Behavioral

Program is community based provision of direct technical assistance to individuals with challenging behaviors and staff training for development of program support strategies.

Service Coordination

A coordinator is chosen by the waiver participant and/or guardian to work with them in identifying and coordinating supports and services and developing a written service plan.

Substance Abuse Program

Services implemented based on the unique challenges associated with TBI to reduce and/or eliminate substance abuse that interferes with community integration.

Structured Day Program

Community based social model program to provide socialization and skill building opportunities.

Environmental Modification

Provides adaptations to residence to promote independence and to ensure safety.

Assistive Technology

Provides durable and non-durable equipment not funded under state plan Medicaid.

Special Medical Equipment

To provide durable and non-durable medical equipment not usually funded under the State Medicaid Plan.


The Department of Health is able to assist qualified participants with utility supplements. This is based on individual need.

Housing Subsidy

The Department of Health, through a pre-allocated, regional housing budget, is able to assist qualified participants with rental subsidies.